Why Is It So Hard To Poop While Pregnant?

Pooping is natural but the fact is that sometimes it can be quite taxing and this is what many pregnant women have to deal with. Even though many will never talk about such issues and challenges during pregnancy as a result of how sensitive they seem to, the numbers of women suffering are many. The reason why it is so hard to poop while pregnant is as a result of constipation.

The water and fluid demands during pregnancy increase and f you are not taking enough water, it is easy for you to be dehydrated and this gives rise to constipation. You will find it quite hard to move a bowel even in situations when you feel you must do it. It is a situation that does not only prove to be hard but also one that can be quite painful for you. This is among the reasons why pregnant women are advised to take as much water as possible during pregnancy to keep the situation at bay.

During pregnancy, hormonal levels also increase and progesterone has a way of leading to the hard sessions that you have when you rush to the bathroom. This is because the hormone ends up relaxing most muscles within the body including those that are within digestive system and this makes food digestion slow and by the time that you have to move a bowel, the feces are quite dry and hard for you. However, if you are taking enough water during pregnancy, you will manage to ease the effects of the muscle relaxation.

As the pregnancy continues to grow, the uterus can press hard on the rectum making it harder for you to poop. There are effective and simple home remedies that you can work with to manage the situations since this is a process you have to deal with every passing day.

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