Why Is My Positive Pregnancy Test Faint?

When dealing with such sensitive issues such as pregnancy, it is expected that you will just take the tests and get the results right there and then. However, this is not always the case since sometimes you can never be quite sure about what the results are. Given that you would simply be reading from the tests sometimes the test results can leave you hanging somewhere in between. This happens when the tests results show a faint result with which you cannot be really sure where it all lies. Since the home pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of the hormone hCG which is the human chorionic gonadotropin detected in the urine. This is one of the ways in which you can be able to answer the question of why is my positive pregnancy test faint.

The problem however comes in when the test results are not clear enough to help you come to a full conclusion. That is the main reason why most women will at one point or another ask the question why is my positive pregnancy test faint. In answering the question, it is important to first of all consider the fact that the pregnancy tests all differ with various factors such as the sensitivity of the test itself. The sensitivities of the tests bring out the differences in the test results. In order to determine just how sensitive a particular test is, you would have to determine which among the tests is able to detect the presence of the hCG hormone even when the hormone cannot be easily detected.

Even though a faint line is generally considered to be a positive pregnancy test, this is not always the case. Various factors would prove otherwise such as the fact that an evaporation line can sometimes be the cause of a faint line thus leading to the woman not being sure about the results they get. In getting the answer to a question such as why is my positive pregnancy test faint? It would be important to consider situations that would lead to such results after taking a pregnancy test. One is where the woman might have failed to take the test properly therefore leading to a faint test. Another reason that you might get faint results on your pregnancy test could be as a result of taking the test at period such as at midday or in the afternoon.

Generally taking the tests during the morning period would be a better since you would ensure that your urine would not be diluted after having taken water and other fluids as would be the case in the afternoons or evenings. If you are still concerned about the results of the tests, getting doctors advice would be better in order to put your mind at ease.

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