Why is My Stomach Tightening During Pregnancy?

It is common for many pregnant women to experience a tightening sensation spreading across the abdominal area. This can be worrying as many will be on the lookout for cramps and contractions which could be an indication of labor or other underlying issues that could mean that the baby is in trouble. It can be hard to translate all the things that your body experiences during pregnancy by with the help of your doctor, you will find it easy to sail through the pregnancy changes.

The tightening of the stomach during pregnancy could be as a result of different things depending on the stage of pregnancy you are in. For instance, in early stages of the pregnancy, it can be as a result of the stretching of the uterus ligaments. The stretching will of course push the abdominal musculature and hence causing that tight feeling. It is actually possible for this to bring about ligament pain and it is a situation that is quite common during early pregnancy.

As the pregnancy moves from the first trimester, the baby will be moving around and this could the reason as to why you have stomach tightening during pregnancy maybe during the second and third trimesters. It is also important to remember that your metabolism is slowed and this can easily lead to accumulation of gases and this can be a simple cause for the tightening that you are experiencing during this process of baby development. It can be handled by keeping off foods which are gassy and also by ensuring that you are drinking enough water to aid proper metabolism.

Contraction of the uterus which is common during the second and also the third trimester can also be to blame for that tightening sensation that you are experiencing. They are commonly referred to as Braxton Hicks Contractions and many have confused them with labor but they are definitely nothing to get you worrying. You however need to be on the lookout if you are approaching your due date since the tightening could be an indication of full term labor or preterm labor that can happen several weeks to the due date.

For women suffering from high risk pregnancies, the tightening should not be taken for granted. There is an immediate need of letting your midwife known especially of the tightening keeps happening after few minutes most probably four times within an hour. Switching positions as soon as you start feeling the tightening can help in easing them especially if they are related to the uterine stretching and gas. However, get help if you think you are having preterm labor.

Stomach tightening during pregnancy is not uncommon and you will love the fact that it is usually nothing to worry about especially if you are experiencing it once in days. However, the tightening coming regularly and several times within an hour should be reported. Even though it could be nothing serious, you could be going into labor and need to be at the right place on time.

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