Why Is Susten 200 Mg Used During Pregnancy?

The use of Susten 200 mg is prohibited during pregnancy and it can be used for premenstrual problems for non pregnant women. Some women prefer to use medicine such as Corion or Profasi because they are very useful during pregnancy. Any type of progesterone such as Susten would not be recommended by any doctor to a pregnant woman. The drug can be used for women that have an old post menopausal and most important they need to have an intact uterus.

In the past some doctors used the drug for recurrent miscarriage or threatened abortion but recent studies showed that Susten has no effect for these conditions. susten 200 mg if taken by pregnant women could make the baby suffer from hirsutism and this means that the baby will have hair on face or chest. The doctor should not give progsterones during pregnancy but only dydrogesterone or medroxyprogesterone. Susten 200 mg can be used for pregnant women that have a history of abortion or women who have no follicle formation and surely they have irregular periods.

The drug can be given to pregnant women that need to have the progesterone level maintained after ovulation. Susten is given to pregnant women that suffer from luteal phase deficiency and it will maintain the pregnancy. In some cases the benefits are far more than the side effects so thats why many pregnant women would take it. Same drug as Susten 200 mg is Medroxy Progesterone Acetate, Norgestrel, Natural Progesterone, Hyprogesterone and others. The drug is made by the company Sun Pharmaceutical Industriest Ltd.

Susten 200 mg can have as side effects such as breast engorgement, headache, fever and edema. The drug can even make someone to have esophageal reflux, acne and cancer. You should take this medication only after the doctor prescribed it and you need to take it in the dosages that the doctor said so. The drug can be used as a contraceptive and for hormone replacement therapy, dysfunctional uterine bleeding. It can even be used for endrometriosis, premenstrual syndrome or for threatened abortion. Susten can be used for a large variety of conditions such as for postpartum lactation, hypoventilation and others.

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