Why Is Susten 400 Mg Used During Pregnancy?

Susten 400 mg is used by pregnant women that have a progesterone deficiency state. The drug can be used even for pregnant women that have luteal phase defects. Until 12 week the corpus luteum produce the progesterone needed by the pregnant woman and after 12 week, the placenta will start to produce it for the developing fetus. Pregnant woman that suffer from different types of bleeding may find the drug useful. Susten 400 mg and Dupahston can be used during pregnancy because it wont harm the mother or the baby.

The drug can be used for premenstrual syndrome and to maintain a pregnancy in case of a threatened abortion. Women that are at their menopause could use Susten 400 mg to reduce the risk of endometrial hyperplasia. The drug can even be used to treat puerperal depression and it can be used for post menopausal women to reduce the risk of carcinoma. You should not take the medication if you suffer from hypersensitivity, liver dysfunction, and cerebral apoplexy. Women that have thrombophlebitis or thromboembolic disorders should not use this drug.

Some pregnant women prefer to use Corion or Profasi and not Susten. Progesterone such as Susten is basically not approved during pregnancy in countries such as US, UK and others. In US, the drug can be used in old post menopausal women that have an intact uterus. Some doctors say that the drug should not be used during pregnancy. In UK, Susten is used by non pregnant women to treat Premenstrual Syndrome. In the past, Susten was used in recurrent miscarriage or threatened abortion but recent studies showed that it is not effective. The drug can be used in early pregnancy only if some deficiency is proved.

Pregnant women that use this medication might give birth to a baby that has hirsutism and this means that the baby will have hair on face and chest. Progesterone should be given only if someone suffers from a deficiency and progesterone could be replaced with dydrogesterone or medroxyprogesterone. Susten 400 mg can be used for a large variety of conditions such as for postpartum lactation, hypoventilation and others. The drug should be taken only if the doctor recommended it.

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