Why is TT Injection Given During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings with it lots of joy and happiness as the parents to be wait to receive their bundle of joy into the world. This is however a period within which a lot of care needs to be taken for the sake of the mother and the baby. The health of the mother is important since it largely determines that of the baby especially during pregnancy when the baby is fully dependent on the mother. A pregnant woman therefore needs to ensure that she is following all the pregnancy health guidelines offered her care provider.

Immunization is part of the pregnancy process as the mother receives vaccines against various conditions which are known to be serious during this period. Among the vaccines that a woman will receive during pregnancy is TT. Tetanus Toxoid vaccine is a vaccine that protects the mother from the fatal tetanus disease. This is a bacterial infectious disease that can lead to death if left untreated and the best way to deal with it is keep it at bay through proper vaccine.

Tetanus affects the nervous system seriously leading to insufficient oxygen supply eventually leading to death and this is a very painful death since it involves other symptoms. Severe pain and muscle weakness are some of the symptoms. The patient suffers a great deal of pain and muscular malfunctions and abnormalities making life just impossible. Usually, the bacterium clostridium tetani enters the body through open wounds with the most prone being deep ones such as cuts, burns, and bites.

By offering the TT injection during pregnancy, the mother is protected from tetanus. The antibodies also find their way to the baby hence the baby is also well protected from the disease for several months even after birth. Many babies are prone to getting tetanus as a result of naval infections resulting from poor sterilization during umbilical cord cutting. But when the mother receives the injection during pregnancy, then the baby remains protected during and after birth till he is older to get an injection.

The aim of the TT injection during pregnancy therefore is protecting the mother and baby from the serious tetanus disease which can cost their lives. Women in their first pregnancies will receive two injections during pregnancy in a well calculated sequence to ensure that the baby is also well protected from the disease. In case the same mother gets pregnant before two years are over after the birth of the baby, she will only receive a booster injection since the previous dosages are still very much present in the body.

The TT injection during pregnancy is of great importance and it is upon every woman to ensure that she is starting with the prenatal visits easily so that all the necessary vaccines and checkups are done to keep the baby as healthy as possible throughout the period and beyond. The injection can be different from one country to another but it has become mandatory in various countries.

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