Why Lay On The Left Side In Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, its pretty hard to find a good position in which you can sleep. If you slept in a way until you were pregnant, than you will find that at pregnancy the same position might not work so well. Fortunately there are other positions that you can try for getting a good night sleep.

At pregnancy your body will go through some changes and it will make it harder for you to sleep. You will have an increased size of the abdomen and this will make you feel a bit uncomfortable in bed. You might feel some back pains and heartburns which certainly will not make you so sleepy. When you are pregnant you might have a shortness of breath or even insomnia.

One of the best positions to sleep is clearly the SOS, which comes from sleep on side. If you can sleep on side, you might want to try to sleep on the left side because it will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that go to the placenta and than to your baby. Before you sleep, you should try to put a pillow between your knees and if you experience back pains than try to place a pillow under the abdomen.

During the night you might feel heartburns and you can make them to go away, only by adding more pillows to put your head on. If you have shortness of breath than your should really try to sleep on one side. You might not like all of these advices if you are used to sleep on your back or stomach. You should try the advices if you experience pain and see if it works well for you.

There is no problem if you change during night different positions such as sleeping on the left side or right side but keep in mind that you always need to sleep on one side. You should try to avoid sleeping on your back because you will have problems such as backaches, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure. If you sleep on back it will decrease the blood transferred from your heart to your baby.

You definitely will not be able to sleep on your stomach when you are further in the pregnancy because the belly continuously grow and will just make it more harder for you to sleep. You should try all of these advices and judge for yourself if they are really good.

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