Why Pregnancy Symptoms Occur Before Implantation?

There will be various pregnancy symptoms that a woman will experience before the implantation. Lets try to know something about why pregnancy symptoms occur before implantation? This is the most challenging phase of her life as she undergoes various changes both physically and emotionally. There will be some subtle indicators that will clearly show that the woman has conceived. These symptoms will occur before her missed periods. So it is necessary to recognize and understand this symptom and provide the proper prenatal care and see that she will undergo a healthy pregnancy. When this care is taken there will be no rick of any complications for both the baby and the mother. Some of the common symptoms are:

Nausea: This is the basic or first symptom that a lady will surface after her missed periods. This feeling will make the pregnant lady feel sick and this involves typically at the stomach. While she experiences nausea, there will be a vomiting sensation and she will be unable to bear any sort of smell or aroma. Whenever she gets some smell she will feel like vomiting immediately. This nausea will occur in the first week of conceiving. This can also be called as the morning sickness, as she will face this problem mainly during the morning times. But it may happen even during night or day times too. This is the distinct symptom of pregnancy. The hormones will increase drastically at this time of conception and so this nausea problem occurs.

Frequent urination: The next common symptom before implantation is the frequency to urinate. This problem comes as soon as the pregnant woman conceives, as the uterus will expand hugely at this time. This process is needed as the baby needs to get accommodated inside the womb and so it is making its space to grow inside. Since the uterus expands, the bladder will get pressurized and the women will feel like urinating more than she does normally.

Implantation Bleeding: When the woman gets pregnant, the fertilized egg will start the process of implantation inside the uterus. This will happen within three to four days after conception. In this the women will notice some pink or red spotting in small amounts.
Abdominal cramps: At the time of implantation bleeding, there may be lower abdominal cramps. If the woman doesnt have bleeding she will experience this pain surely. This normally accompanies with the implantation bleeding.

These are the reasons for the occurrence of some common pregnancy symptoms that a pregnant woman may experience before implantation.

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