Why Sneezing Is A Sign Of Pregnancy?

There are many signs of pregnancy which we usually neglect or do not notice like nausea, vomiting, increased peeing and sneezing. Out of many symptoms sneezing is also one of the commonest symptoms in pregnancy which can mislead you to make other diagnosis like hay fever. Some signs of pregnancy are mild and easily missed. It is a fact that sneezing in pregnancy increases three folds than non-pregnant women. Pregnancy rhinitis has many drawbacks like bringing a bad impact on the quality of your life as it causes difficulty in sleeping due to sneezing every now and then; it also makes you uncomfortable by interrupting breathing patterns.

Since pregnancy is unique to every woman therefore its signs are somewhat unique too which makes you know that you are pregnant. Symptoms like feeling hungry is common, no matter how much you eat you start feeling hungry again. Restless legs are common symptom which occurs in early stages. Sneezing also indicates that you are pregnant it occurs because the nasal passages becomes irritated leading to pregnancy rhinitis and sneezing. Increase thirst is rare but occurs in some cases, occurs in association with dryness of mouth which increases the carving of drinking juices or any liquid usually observed in first month. Breakouts of acne also indicate pregnancy. Body ache mainly back pain is also a common finding. These symptoms disappear after the pregnancy is over. However they may become worst as the pregnancy progresses from first to third trimester.

Sneezing occurs due to the hormonal changes occurring in pregnancy, Placenta produces huge quantities of estrogens which secrets mucus secretion and forms a layer forming turbinate inside nose which are small body structures that forms in mucosa, therefore the mucosa becomes swollen which interrupts proper breathing pattern and exposes the individual to the episodes of rhinitis. Sneezing in pregnancy is quite similar to the normal sneezing but the difference is that pregnancy rhinitis is never due to allergens or toxins in the environment. Pregnancy rhinitis lasts for about six weeks it is common in initial stages but can occur in any trimester its incidence varies from women to women.

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