Why Some Women Vomit Bile During Pregnancy

Vomiting during pregnancy is very common. When a woman gets pregnant, a lot of changes take place inside her body. Hormones are produced and physical activities change. This is because of the body reacting to new things happening. The Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone is one of the hormones produced in the body after conception. This hormone is responsible for all the changes that take place inside the body when a woman is pregnant. This hormone brings about morning sickness and this is what causes pregnant women to vomit and experience nausea. Progesterone and estrogen are also other hormones that are produced inside the body during pregnancy. The levels of these hormones usually fluctuate from time to time during the pregnancy. It is these fluctuations that cause women whop are pregnant to vomit.

Some women vomit in excess and they end up vomiting bile. The reason why some women vomit bile during pregnancy is usually severe morning sickness. This is when all the morning sickness symptoms are magnified. When there is too much vomiting, a woman will end up vomiting everything inside her stomach. This will lead to her vomiting bile because her stomach will be empty. Women who vomit bile usually end up being sick and weak. It is important for them to be given medical care so that they can continue having healthy pregnancies.

Women who experience severe morning sickness have higher chances of vomiting bile. This is because they sometimes empty their stomachs completely and lose their appetites. These women end up taking very little carbohydrate which causes them to be weak. When the vomiting urge comes, women usually suffer a lot because there is always nothing in the stomach to get rid of. The women usually end up vomiting bile because this is what is available inside the stomach. Some women might even end up vomiting blood when the urge to vomit is too high and there is nothing inside the stomach.

Women who do not take a lot of water and eat a good diet during pregnancy also have high chances of being affected by severe vomiting during pregnancy. These women might end up vomiting bile. When a woman vomits bile while she is pregnant, she should try and visit a doctor so that she can be helped and given supplements that will help in getting nutrients in to her system. This woman should try and eat nutritious meals even when she does not feel like it and she should also drink a lot of fresh juice.

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