Why Take Progesterone When Pregnant?

A number of supplements are taking during pregnancy and this is to ensure that the body has all the nutrients and minerals that it requires to fully support the pregnancy and ensure also that the baby manages to develop and grow as it should hence a successful pregnancy at the end of it all. Most people are familiar with Vitamin supplements during pregnancy but the truth is that there are even progesterone supplements which women take during pregnancy.

Progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body and it is important during menstrual cycle and most important for ovulation purposes as it is what helps in building and sustaining the uterine lining. This is the lining on which the fertilized egg will eventually implant and hence it needs to be well prepared in handling the new attachment and growth. Progesterone takes control of this till the placenta manages to take over the function as the pregnancy progresses.

A low level of progesterone in the body during pregnancy has been said to be a cause for miscarriage and hence many feel that by taking the progesterone hormone during pregnancy, the miscarriage risks are reduced greatly. Some doctors believe that progesterone actually does help in preventing a miscarriage and it is a supplement they will prescribe to women faced with threatened miscarriage. This is a hormone supplement that is also taken in assisted reproductive technology to increase the success rates of the pregnancy.

Women who have a history of suffering miscarriages will find that they are put on progesterone supplement to increase the chances of the pregnancies going all the way to full term hence a safe delivery. Progesterone supplement is something many will find helpful in pregnancy and its use continues in brining joy to the faces of many mothers and parents.

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