Why the Cramps Occur in Early Pregnancy

The hormonal changes and the physical changes which take place during pregnancy are associated with the cramping that many women experience during pregnancy. The severity of the cramps can be different from one mother to be to another and this means that whereas it can be mild, it can also be very severe. The cause of the cramp can also determine the severity. Several things could lead to the cramps during the early stages of pregnancy.

Implantation cramps; they are quite common during early pregnancy and just like the name suggests, they occur as a result of the fertilized egg finally implanting on the uterine wall. These cramps will be felt several days after ovulation takes place and could also come with slight spotting. The attachment is expected to cause the discomfort since it is a foreign subject attaching to the body.

Ectopic pregnancy cramps; this kind of pregnancy attaches outside the uterus with the fallopian tubes playing host. As it continues to grow, it will definitely cause irritations and possible ruptures and this can cause lots of cramping. This kind of pregnancy will also cause bleeding as a result of the bursting of the tubes as the baby grows. It can be life threatening to the mother and will usually have to be terminated.

Miscarriage cramps; another reason why cramps occur in early pregnancy is as a result of a miscarriage. Sometimes when there are too many health issues revolving around the fetus, the body gets rid of the pregnancy through a miscarriage. Apart from this, there are other aspects that can lead to a miscarriage during early pregnancy such as heavy lifting, stressing activities, alcohol, medications and cigarettes. You should adhere to the health guidelines given to you by your doctor to minimize the chances of suffering a miscarriage.

Progesterone related cramps; progesterone is one of the pregnancy hormones whose levels will increase in the body during pregnancy. The increase leads to loosening of ligaments and together with the stretching abdomen, cramps are the result. They are cramps which can come and go throughout the pregnancy as the fetus continues to grow. They are normal and will usually be mild but with no other symptoms.

Gas and constipation cramps; it is among the harmless reasons as to why women experience cramps in their early pregnancy. The hormonal changes will slow down metabolic rates and this will lead to accumulation of gases. Since the body is also using up lots of fluids to nurture the pregnancy, many will suffer from constipation. The combination of the two will easily lead to abdominal discomfort and eventually cramping. The best thing about these kinds of cramps in early pregnancy is that they will always get better when the situation improves.

Cramping during pregnancy could be harmless or an indication of a serious issue. This makes it important to be alert so that in case you see other signs such as spotting of bleeding, you seek medical help as soon as it is possible.

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