Why Tweak A Pregnancy Test?

When anticipating pregnancy or suspecting that you are pregnant, you definitely can’t wait to take that home pregnancy test. This is a process that is supposed to as simple as buying the pregnancy test kit and dipping the strip in urine then waiting to read the results. In practice however, it is not always a simple process for many women out there. There are cases where the positive test result is too faint for you to see especially when you have taken the test early in the pregnancy.

The fact is that most women will be too eager to know whether they are pregnant or not and will therefore go to any extent to try and read the result which seems to be inclining more on the positive. The given and recommended test direction is to give the pregnancy at least two weeks before conducting the test since this will be enough time for the HCG hormone to be in the right levels to be detected by the test kit. There is however the impatient few to whom the weeks can seem like ages and they therefore just can’t wait to know their status.

Pregnancy tweaking was born for such women who simply can’t wait to know the results. The test tweaking is an act of taking a picture of the pregnancy test that you have done and digitally trying to adjust the color saturation so that it is possible to read the faint line. The line will become more colored and hence you will get the indication that you are pregnant. There women who have perfected the art of tweaking and they will normally do it as a fun way of getting to know the results early.

It is however important to note that tweaking a pregnancy will not always bring the accurate results and hence it is most recommended that you wait for the two weeks to have more accurate results without stressing too much about it. However, if you are among the few who just can’t wait to know the results, then you can go ahead and tweak a pregnancy test. It is expected that you will be feeling frustrated with the faint line that does not give you a clear indication of your status even when you try reading it under the window light or even the florescent.

Tweaking a pregnancy is an act that can be quite addictive in that there are women who are addicts of the act. They will start with the tests so early before any signs are even visible. It is however important that you wait for the right time before you can take a pregnancy test for more accurate results. If you feel that it is a must you get the results this early, then it is best that you find out the best way of tweaking the test to ensure that you do not end up with false results even with all the efforts that you have put into the tweaking affair.

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