Why Water Breaks Early In Pregnancy

Water breaking usually refers to the breaking of the amniotic sac when a woman is ready to give birth. This leads to amniotic fluid which is colorless and odorless being released. Water breaking usually occurs about 12 to 24 hours before it is time for a woman to give birth. There are times when water breaks before it time for a pregnant woman to give birth. A lot of women who this has happened to before do not yet understand why water breaks early in pregnancy. Doctors are still doing research on what the possible cause of water breaking early in pregnancy could be. Not all women experience water breaking when it is time for them to give birth. Some women might experience it but not realize that it is happening.

Infections have been found to be possible causes of water breaking before it is time for a woman to give birth. The baby can have an infection that will lead to the breaking of the membranes that hold together the amniotic sac. Infections such as yeast infections or sexually transmitted infections in the mothers genitalia can also cause water to break before it time for the woman to give birth. Infections in the cervix and the uterus can also cause for the water to break early. If a mother gets an injury, her water might also break early.

Other problems with the uterus and the cervix can also cause water to break early. When the cervix is in the wrong position or when the baby is lying in a position that is not right, there are chances that the membranes of the amniotic sac might break early. If the cervix is narrow than it should be, this can also lead to the membranes breaking earlier than they should. The water can break early if there is too much amniotic fluid inside the amniotic sac. It can also break early if the baby is injured while still inside the uterus. Though this is rare, it can still happen as the baby continues to grow and becomes bigger.

Infections in the uterus, the mothers genitalia, and the cervix and even in the baby are the main reasons that have been identified by doctors to cause waters to break early. Injuries in these parts can also cause premature water breaking. Sometimes, water can just break early without any reason. Women who think or even suspect that their waters have broken should immediately get medical help so that their situations can be looked at.

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