Why Were Rabbits Used For Pregnancy Tests?

In the past, before any tests, operations and medication were released in the market, they had to be tested on animals. Different animals were chosen for different reasons. The money is the animal that is mostly used because it kind of resembles the human beings. It is the same trend today. When it comes to pregnancy tests, they used rabbits and even frogs. In those days, the test for pregnancy was not yet out so they had to use the ways that were available and cheap. Here are reasons as to why were rabbits used for pregnancy tests in the olden days.

Rabbits were used because they were readily available. As much as any research is important, you need to look for things that are easy to be accessed. The scientists could not think of using things that are not in the locality. Even now, when the scientists are carrying out certain researches, they usually go for what it is available and what can be used without much trouble. When the rabbits are not available, the frogs used to take their positions.

The rabbits were used to indicate if a mother was pregnant. The tests used to rely on the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone which is the pregnancy hormone. When the rabbit was injected with the urine of a woman who was thought to be pregnant, there are some changes that are bound to occur to the ovaries. The ovaries would change and secrete a hormone that was secreted by women who are pregnant. In human beings, there are some changes that are bound to occur when a woman is pregnant. For instance, the pregnancy hormones are secreted and her body changes.

Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is the hormone that is used to indicate if a woman is pregnant. Before ways of testing pregnancy were invented, the rabbits acted as very good specimen because they indicated the presence of the hormone in their bodies. Currently, there are some kits that women used to check if they are pregnant. They are also advice do the test in the morning when HCG is in high concentration in the urine. There are many other reasons that are proved by people concerning the use of rabbits in experiments. The rabbits helped the scientists in proving that when HCG is present in a womans urine, she is pregnant. If you are so curious and you need to know why were rabbits used for pregnancy tests, doctors are in better positions to answer this.

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