Why Women Feel Tired in Early Pregnancy

The tired feeling women will experience during early pregnancy is among the most common symptoms of pregnancy and it is referred to as fatigue. The fatigue makes you feel as though you have been engaging in rigorous and hard activity or like you have been working all day long even when you have barely done anything during the day or morning. This is an issue many have not come to terms with as they wonder what is happening within their bodies to leave them feeling so tired.

During the early pregnancy, feeling this tired is definitely as a result of the hard work that your body is going through as it prepares the baby. A huge amount of your energy will be directed in building a supportive system for the new life that is within you hence you are bound to feel tired at any given time. The early pregnancy stages are considered to be the most important but at the same time the most challenging for many women as the body tries to accommodate the baby and deal with all the changes that are taking place at the same time.

The hormones are also changing and taking control of the pregnancy and they are also to blame for the numerous symptoms that you are experiencing including the fatigue. The early pregnancy tiredness tends to get better during second trimester for many women but it is not always guaranteed that it won’t return later in the pregnancy as the growing baby can also add too much pressure and load on you thus easily leading to the fatigue.

What to do

When feeling tired in early pregnancy you can try out simple things to make the situation more bearable for you. One of the things that you can do is listen to what the body is telling you. If it says that you are tired, then you need to rest enough. A body massage can also help in reducing the fatigue but ensuring that you rest enough everyday is the most helpful for you.

Getting enough rest has also been proven to help that tired feeling. By getting more sleep you will give your body enough time to reenergize and also rejuvenate and hence you will find that you are much stronger when you wake up. Going to bed early or staying in bed for much longer can help by the time you get up.

Ask for help with the things that you need to get done if you are feeling too tired to do anything meaningful. You can for instance have your partner or close friends and relatives get your groceries on your behalf during those days when you feel too tired to get anything done. You however should make sure that you do not end up becoming a lazy bone taking advantage that people are helping you out.

Eating right is something you do not want to forget to do. This is the best way of keeping the energy levels up since you will have enough to spare for everything that is taking place within the body. Complex carbohydrates and protein are great energy boosters and they should be considered in your diet.

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