Why Women Pass Out When Pregnant

Pregnancy brings with it lots of changes in the body and this include feeling dizzy, light headed and eventually even passing out or fainting. The body has to adapt to the new pregnancy changes and this leaves it working extra hard and it also requires increased volumes of blood to support the baby’s needs. A shift in the blood pressure can lead to passing out for many women. The fact is that with the increased pressure on the blood veins, the heart will beat slowly and this causes some imbalance leading to the passing out.

Pregnant women who change positions too suddenly especially after a long period of sitting will be more prone to the passing out during pregnancy. The same is the case for the pregnant women who lie on their back after the fourth month of pregnancy, those not eating enough, overheating and dehydration are also common culprits easily leading to passing out during pregnancy. The passing put can also be a sign of a serious underlying problem such as anemia and blood pressure and hence should not be taken lightly when it persists even with the precautions.

As soon as the pregnant women feel dizzy, they should stop whatever they are doing and sit for a while. Anything that involves the act of balancing needs to be stopped to give the situation some time to go away. The blood flow will eventually get back on track and the fainting will be kept at bay. There is no medical recommendation for the passing out experienced during pregnancy but when it is a condition that is leading to the spells, then the doctors should find ways of managing the situations since it is easy for them to have negative effects on the pregnancy and the baby in general.

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